Luxury brand of ubiquitous replica designer handbag

Susie Ambrose, founder of matchmaking company Seventy Thirty and a collector, says: “While the value of luxury replica handbags uk can vary due to styles and rarity, Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton in certain styles have the highest resale price. Particular styles are issued in limited numbers, demand tends to outshine supply and values will always remain strong.”

But with rarity comes the question of supply and demand. Handbags remain a niche investment prospect — hence their auction prices — but are also prone to devalue pretty rapidly.“Condition is everything,” explains Mr Whittaker at Fellows. “It’s not just a question of reducing the price, but whether anyone would want it at all.”

The solution, of course, is to treat cheap designer handbags like you might any other valuable asset class — deposit it in the bank, never to be used. True aficionados will invest in leather milk and dust covers, ensuring the bag is stuffed with scarves or tissue paper and kept out of the sunlight.

“The ubiquity of luxury brands, together with the increasing sophistication of counterfeit items flooding the market, means the investment case for standout fashion items is being undermined,” says Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of Appassionata Boutique, an Italian luxury replica handbags company. “Although the genuine article will always hold its value, if consumers feel that their handbag is no longer a rare find, the incentive to purchase may be diminished.”

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